Friday, June 11, 2010

Day #3

by Anne

Today I had some Boca patties that aren't officially listed as vegan, some frozen french fries which are also not necessarily vegan. I'm lame.

For dinner I headed to the Lexington Co-op which has lots of vegan and organic foods. For dinner I had a wheatberry salad, some tea, some baklava (is fillo dough vegan? I'm sure it's not), and half of a vegan oat bar.

The wheatberry salad gets two thumbs up, but the vegan oat bar gets two thumbs way down. Texture, flavor, calorie count, it wasn't very good, AND I was starving when I was eating it which shows it wasn't that great.

I'm a big fan of HonestTea, and I like the Acai juice I just bought, but the mango acai tea wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. That will get one thumb up and one thumb down. According to the HonestTea website, they're coming out with a Half & Half (tea and lemonade) which is just about my favorite bottled drink there is. I'm excited about that.

As far as the non-dairy rice milk ice cream, it was... gross. I'm sorry, I wanted to like it, but it was just yucky. I might have to try another flavor. I think it was the peanut butter that killed it. Next time I will try to get vanilla or something a little simpler to try.

If anyone ever reads this and wonders: I am currently just focusing on veganism as it relates to food, I'm not quite going into the anti-leather phase. I don't own much leather to begin with, and own no fur, so that might come at a later date.

A lot of the recipes I'm coming across rely on tofu and I just flat out refuse to eat tofu. I have eaten it before and the texture makes me gag. Therefore, I will have to get creative with these recipes and my protein intake. I ate waaayyy too many almonds yesterday, I think my body was craving protein.

I have never found a food that will accurately replicate the taste and texture of beef. I just don't like veggie burgers, lentil burgers, or anything like that. Can I live the rest of my life never tasting red meat again? I think so, but I KNOW I can live the rest of my life and never eat another veggie patty.

Tomorrow: Seeking out a few new vegan foods to try. Making a list as we speak.


  1. On the ice cream front, ice cream made with soy milk is pretty good. I can't taste any noticeable difference between that and regular ice cream, but to each their own, I guess.

    Thank you for posting the links to the pancake mix in an earlier post. The mom unit is lactose intolerant and if the pancake mix is lactose free and works with soy milk, then we can finally have pancakes that won't double as hockey pucks.

    Good luck on your continuing vegan adventures.

  2. Yup, I just checked the label, it's made with soymilk powder so I assume it's lactose free. I made the recipe with cow's milk but i don't see why it wouldn't work with soy milk.